A dive in the nineteenth century

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The mansion of Finance of Vines faithfully reproduces the Brazilian rural architecture of old: balconies with iron railings, colonial tiles, white symmetrical large windows and blue frame, wood-lining skirt and blouse, flag the doors and windows in the doors aldavras and sconces on the walls.

The décor invites a dip in simple, cozy and delightfully elegant rural mansions time of the colonels. But the furniture in heavy lines and dark wood that prevailed in the decoration of urban mansions of the Portuguese elite of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries do not exist here. We opted for the bright colors and light traces of Franco-Provençal furniture, both influenced the rural houses in the state of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

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The result: an elegant decor, but without lavishness and ostentation, directed to the comfort and well-being.

But to get such a result had to delve into the history of the Brazilian rural houses to guide a meticulous work of restoration and expansion of the old building.

The Thematic of Wine

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Another striking feature of the lodge decor: the decisive adoption of the reasons of grape and wine.

Paintings, engravings, sculptures, finally, various forms of art, originals and replicas, related to the history and culture of grapes and wine, are of Finance of Vines kind of minimuseu or, as they say modern, a thematic hostel.