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Gastronomic Proposal


We opened the Fazenda das Videiras inn in 1999, inspired by a French lodging model called Chambres et Tables d'Hôtes, that is, families that receive people in their own houses, offering lodging and food. It is a very different style of traditional hotel, in which the concepts of impersonal service, standard decoration, industrial kitchen, professional administration and large number of rooms predominate. On the contrary, and as in that French model, even in our house the units are few, we live here and we receive the guests personally, as family members who came to visit us.

Erni and Gaspar Vianna: As far as food is concerned, our love of French cuisine is great. Erni always tried to make the broths, the sauces, the creams, the point of cooking, in fact, always followed with immense pleasure the bases and the techniques of the kitchen as practiced in that country. By the time we decided that in addition to a room in our house we would also offer meals, the natural decision was to offer a menu with options of classic French cuisine. Soon,   foie gras, escargots, cassoulet, canard confit, petit gateau, crème brûlée   have become natural options on our menu. The central idea was to offer dishes that could kill the homesickness of those who already know France and also provide an initiation for those who have a trip in the plans.

An ambitious plan, no doubt, but that proved to be victorious, as testified by the statements of critics specialized in guides and magazines of gastronomy. Obviously, it became necessary to make discreet adaptations. The acidic, earthy, alkaline and sweet flavors of some European products were favorably replaced by some very tropical and typically Brazilian fruits and vegetables.   An example : our petit gâteau. The classic little French chocolate cake kept the essentials in the texture, elaboration and quality of the ingredients, particularly the semi-bitter chocolate, but it received an unusual visit of Amazonian flavors, represented in the cupuaçu cream filling and the chestnut For.

In addition, we have completed our menu with française, with some very rural and Brazilian proposals, such as the Trilogy of Candy from the Farm. Another example is Aunt Ignacia's Banana Jam, a simple, centennial family recipe in which the banana is slowly cooked in a copper pot on our wood stove. It is served hot, with homemade yogurt ice cream or with industrial cream ice cream.

Our Menu


We do not have a "permanent menu", of those who never change the dishes offered. Neither do we sport a "fickle menu," which changes every week. Stimulated by climate change, each season - spring, summer, autumn, winter - we replace the less-ordered dishes with gastronomic novelties.

In winter, for example, the velouté of fresh asparagus, boeuf à la bourguignonne and our soup of strawberries and red fruits with red wine enter the menu. Already in the summer, the highlight is for our Salade Paul Gauguin and for the different fruit sorbets.

Our menu offers four options for lunch or dinner:

The)   À La Carte   - ideal for a small and quick meal. Choose the desired dish (s), paying the price (s) stamped (s).

B)   Station Menu   - an economic (reduced price) and simplified proposal (three stages: entrance, main course and dessert), in tune with the changing climate and the products offered by the markets.

w)   French Classics Tasting Menu   - our indication for those who want to remember or know the most traditional dishes of French cuisine (a versatile proposal, since it allows the client to compose their menu, choosing between two options, the Main Dish and Dessert, finishing with tea of green leaves or traditional coffee).

(d)   Confiance Menu   - our highlight of refinement and charm to the

Chef Erni Vianna in the Alternative Health program

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