Pousada Fazenda das Videiras - Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil

A water park 100% Natural

A range of options around purest waters, coming from springs that are within the Forest Reserve of property and Araras Biological Reserve.

Bathing in the river and Cascade

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On warmer days, the big choice is bathing in the stream of "Blow Bridge", which cuts the property, or in its "Waterfall Capricious" - powerful natural whirlpool.

A few minutes under the shower of cascatinha provide an invigorating sense of well-being. More than that: a return to the good times of childhood or perhaps for the first time ever, a bath in a natural course of water. Will be unforgettable moments framed by lush portion of the Atlantic Forest. All this listening to the birdsong, loose, in perfect communion with the space that surrounds them.

And to enjoy this intimate contact with nature, our guests do not have to take a long walk through difficult trails. It's all there, just steps from your cottage, your apartment or steam room.


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Taking advantage of a natural plateau at the edge of the creek, and that gets the sun all day, here we complement our natural water park, but keeping absolute fidelity to the native environment that surrounds it:

Pool, with "beaches" (a few centimeters of water that allow sunbathe and cool at the same time);
Semi-Olympic swimming lane (with 12.5 m long);
Artificial waterfall;
Collective thermal whirlpool (SPA).

Saunas and Night baths

Both the creek bed as the pool and thermal spa are light and allow a nightly bath.

In addition, we have two saunas: a Turkish (dry) and Finnish (steam and heated the wood).

Thus, our guests have a range of options and can enjoy the waters of the delights in all seasons of the year, both during the day and at night.

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Pousada Fazenda das Videiras
RJ117 Km 16 (Estrada Paulo Meira, 6000)
Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil
Call: +55 (24) 2225 -8090 I 8088 I 8081


Pousada Fazenda das Videiras

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras, 12 km from PetrĂ³polis is the perfect balance between traditional hospitality of rural houses of Colonial Brazil and the elegance and the services of the classic hotels of Europe. It offers free wi-fi, outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant where guests can enjoy a homemade cuisine and specialties of traditional French cuisine. The owners live on site and provide personal attention to a few guests - only nine couples in their cabins and beautifully furnished apartments.