Pousada Fazenda das Videiras - Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil

How did Vale Gourmet start?

It all started in 1978 when some locals started up the Rio saw to enjoy a cod in "Portuguese Itaipava", installed in a rustic cabin on the shores of Union Road and Industry, federal highway, connecting the Rio de Janeiro to Juiz de Fora and from the Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.

He began there in remarkable quality of the Lusitanian dishes served by Wilhelmina and Charles Valentine couple on Valentine Parro, the genesis of the gastronomic tradition of the region that would become known as Gourmet Valley.

In 1991, Laura Gois teacher sold his high school in São Paulo and moved to Corrêas where, with her husband, opened the Inn Alcobaça, there offering a simple and Brazilian cuisine, but prepared with great care and competence. The following year, the chef and sommelier Danio Braga closed his then famous restaurant Enotria in Rio de Janeiro and moved to the area with his wife Lilian, here building your house, your cellar to your kitchen and your garden. His restaurant, Locanda della Mimosa, became immediately obligatory reference quality Italian cuisine in Brazil.

In 1994 was the time when the Spanish Vicente But Gonzales, better known as Paquito, changed the architecture profession and the Wonderful City for kitchen environment and the air of Itaipava, where he opened the doors of Parador Valencia, a real temple of the typical Spanish food.

In 1999, the lawyer and sommelier Gaspar and his wife, a teacher and chef Erni Vianna exchanged Rio de Janeiro through the Valley of the Vines where in a farm mansion, installed a theme hostel, the Farm of vines, with a food restaurant Traditional French. Ali, to use the words of the magazine See-RIO, "the name of the menu, through the decor, everything here revolves around the grape and wine. The atmosphere is refined and welcoming. "(Cf. p. 21, June 21, 2006).

Pass-four years and, in 2002, in Araras, Silvia and Oton Junqueira join the couples who have moved to the mountains and installed in your own house restaurant. The unusual proposal - the only Brazilian bistrot specializing in escargots: - soon became the restaurant Alameda 914 a great success.

Thus, the region's climate, the contact with nature, the multiplicity of good products and now also the reputation already established the Gourmet Valley, it continues to attract new food lovers, whether they are with the belly leaning or sitting on the stove at the table, waiting for the arrival of the delights that have just been developed.

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras
RJ117 Km 16 (Estrada Paulo Meira, 6000)
Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil
Call: +55 (24) 2225 -8090 I 8088 I 8081


Pousada Fazenda das Videiras

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras, 12 km from Petrópolis is the perfect balance between traditional hospitality of rural houses of Colonial Brazil and the elegance and the services of the classic hotels of Europe. It offers free wi-fi, outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant where guests can enjoy a homemade cuisine and specialties of traditional French cuisine. The owners live on site and provide personal attention to a few guests - only nine couples in their cabins and beautifully furnished apartments.