Pousada Fazenda das Videiras - Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil

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  • Mariana Ximenez

Mariana Ximenez.

  • Bruno Maria Pera e nós

 Marília Pera e Bruno.

  • Taís Araujo e Lázaro Ramos

Thaís Araújo e Lazaro Ramos.

  • Natal 2009 Cruzeiro Navio Soberano 001

Paola Oliveira.

  • Angela Vieira

Ângela Vieira

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  • Erni e Gaspar Vianna

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras
RJ117 Km 16 (Estrada Paulo Meira, 6000)
Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil
Call: +55 (24) 2225 -8090 I 8088 I 8081


Pousada Fazenda das Videiras

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras, 12 km from Petrópolis is the perfect balance between traditional hospitality of rural houses of Colonial Brazil and the elegance and the services of the classic hotels of Europe. It offers free wi-fi, outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant where guests can enjoy a homemade cuisine and specialties of traditional French cuisine. The owners live on site and provide personal attention to a few guests - only nine couples in their cabins and beautifully furnished apartments.