Pousada Fazenda das Videiras - Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil


The pleasure in receiving and hosting well

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At the entrance, at the gate, an old piece of tile announces that you come to the farm of vines.

Touch, then the intercom. As the gate is opening, a building will confirm that, indeed, you are on a farm. Nothing expensive hotel, hostel or jeitão restaurant profile. Good sign.

Many people associate "dude ranch" to a hosting model that necessarily offers horseback riding, carriage rides, full board, simple Comidinha and, especially, has many activities for children.

After all, it has always been the Brazilian rural tradition receive and host travelers as well, the power demand, hygiene, rest and landing, banged at the doors of the farms. Around them, they were emerging and multiplying the villages, towns and then cities.

The Farm of vines remained faithful to this secular tradition of hospitality. Those looking for a landing are greeted at the door, directly by the owners, Erni and Gaspar Vianna, who live on site. It is the perfect translation of the French concept of chambres d'hôtes (equivalent to US guest house, Gästezimmer German and the best breakfast and English), in which the hosts are the hosts, providing personalized service and informality to stay.

este estilo de recepção e atendimento diferenciado só é possível quando o número de unidades de hospedagem é reduzido. A fazenda é grande: a área total ultrapassa vinte hectares e o casarão tem mais de 800m2 de área construída.

A pousada, todavia, é para poucos, quase uma exclusividade: apenas 9 (nove) casais.

Só assim cada hóspede pode ser tratado pelo nome, tal qual uma pessoa da família, que veio da cidade para descansar e “curtir” as delícias da serra.

Um ¨Hotel Fazenda¨ com Feição Própria

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But we are in a rural area in property registered in INCRA as "farm" with a construction time, decorated with furniture and historical pieces and replicas of the nineteenth century. Here the guest finds the sacred silence of the garden, moonlit nights and littered with stars sky.

We stream and waterfall of clear water for bathing and many hiking trails, steeped in pure air by the Atlantic Forest. We have organic garden and orchard with banana and jabuticabeiras, among many other fruits.

We create small animals such as ducks, drakes, hens, peacocks and sheep. We have wood stove and traditional cuisine. In short: we offer room "farm" to use the expression of the Guia 4 Rodas to classify this category an establishment hosting.

We are therefore a "dude ranch" but with its own feature. Continue, now, your virtual tour and, little by little, go identifying the many reasons why the Treasury of Vines offers a differentiated lodging, where healthy and quiet simplicity of country life goes hand in hand with the comfort and services of large cities.

Especially suitable to go in two

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According to the always careful evaluation of the Guia 4 Rodas, the Farm of vines is the only dude ranch in the State of Rio de Janeiro that can ensure "the last part," absolute peace and tranquility to people who want to date or simply rest and relax.

That's because joins five predicates that no other has:

First, it does not accept children under 14, that is, the guest does not risk the hassle of crying, shouting, mischief and uproar of children;
Second, because it offers space for corporate events such as conferences and seminars, or social, like weddings and birthday parties;
Third, because it is in a rural area, surrounded by the sacred silence of the garden and a few kilometers of the movement or the typical noise of urban areas;
Fourth, because it has cabins that offer total privacy, located on the edge of a creek rapids, and opposite an original forest;
Fifth, because it offers essential to Romanticism, a balcony, double whirlpool, fireplace, TV and DVD, optional sound environment, king size beds, air conditioner split hot / cold, duvets and goose down pillows.

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras
RJ117 Km 16 (Estrada Paulo Meira, 6000)
Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil
Call: +55 (24) 2225 -8090 I 8088 I 8081


Pousada Fazenda das Videiras

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras, 12 km from Petrópolis is the perfect balance between traditional hospitality of rural houses of Colonial Brazil and the elegance and the services of the classic hotels of Europe. It offers free wi-fi, outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant where guests can enjoy a homemade cuisine and specialties of traditional French cuisine. The owners live on site and provide personal attention to a few guests - only nine couples in their cabins and beautifully furnished apartments.