Pousada Fazenda das Videiras - Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil

Honeymoon and Wedding 2015

Honeymoon / Anniversary Party / Celebration Dating
Package of three nights or more

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Who Should Read: the romantic couples of all ages who want to celebrate in style a special moment in their lives, such as honeymooners, honeymoon, wedding anniversary or dating.

Minimum period: three (3) nights. To remain equal to or greater than four (4) day, progressive offer advantages. Contact us!

Composition: This package consists of twelve (12) items which together represent a substantial saving, as follows:

  1. . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> Hosting chalet to encacheirado stream margins, with total privacy, king size bed, double whirlpool, fireplace, TV, DVD, surround sound and wi-fi;
  2. Early entry (early check-in) whenever possible, from 9 pm .;
  3. Delayed departure (late check-out) whenever possible, until 17 pm.;
  4. Petit déjeuner Imperiale (breakfast), available until 11 hs.do day after the entrance and in the following days, served in the lodge dining room. In chalet Superior Charm in the cabins of luxury, breakfast can be served in an abridged version, since we requested the day before and observed the scheduled time;
  5. Decorative candles in the hot tub, and the room;
  6. Basket with amenities such as special soaps, shampoo, moisturizer, foam and bath salts for bathing in tub;
  7. Ice bucket with bottle of French sparkling Brut Champenoise, served in the cottage as welcome, upon arrival. To keep a portion of strawberries or grapes; (An increase of R $ 300 (three hundred reais), we can replace the sparkling Champagne Veuve Clicquot Brut and strawberries or grapes Turkish damarcos).
  8. A gala dinner with surprise tasting menu, consisting of five services, selected especially for the couple by chef Erni Vianna. Engaging music, candlelight and fireplace; (An increase of R $ 400 (four hundred reais), dinner can be harmonized with four French wines by the glass - sparkling wine, white wine, red and dessert).
  9. The very traditional sweets Patrone Factory Petropolis, filled with liquor or fruit;
  10. Corbeille (basket) with seasonal fruits;
  11. Chalet decorated with wild flowers; (In the beginning with lodging on Saturday or Sunday, and an increase of R $ 80 (eighty kings), the bed can be covered with rose petals. With increase of over R $ 120 (one hundred and twenty reais), the chalet will be decorated with three dozen roses).
  12. Service charges on hosting daily and Meals package are already included in the price. The price of telephone calls has no surcharge. No charge for the use of saunas and steam for the replacement of firewood or the DVD's loan, CDs and books. We do not charge ISS, not tourist tax.

NORMAL PRICE - valid for formalized reservation directly by the interested party or third parties (agencies and tour operators or brokers) by bank transfer or Visa or Mastercard. Payments by credit card can be funded up to 3 months interest. The normal price, also called "rack rate" applies to payments made on arrival at the lodge, where there is no reserve.

* PROMOTIONAL PRICE - discount of 6% (six percent) on the normal price of lodging, provided that the following conditions accepted:
(1) payment of the accommodation at the time of booking through the full deposit;
(2) in case of cancellation (no show), whatever the reason, the amount paid is not refundable.

Complementary information - (1) This package is not cumulative with any other promotions, (2) is not available on holidays, such as, eg., Carnival and Easter, during which we work with specific packages and other prices, (3) This package does not include beverages; (4) the service charge, the percentage of 10% (ten percent), focuses on the drinks, meals and services not included in the package.
For availability and formalize reservation, call,
(24) 2225.8090, (24) 2225. or 8081 (24) 2225.8088

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Pousada Fazenda das Videiras
RJ117 Km 16 (Estrada Paulo Meira, 6000)
Araras Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro State, 25725-029, Brazil
Call: +55 (24) 2225 -8090 I 8088 I 8081


Pousada Fazenda das Videiras

Pousada Fazenda das Videiras, 12 km from Petrópolis is the perfect balance between traditional hospitality of rural houses of Colonial Brazil and the elegance and the services of the classic hotels of Europe. It offers free wi-fi, outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant where guests can enjoy a homemade cuisine and specialties of traditional French cuisine. The owners live on site and provide personal attention to a few guests - only nine couples in their cabins and beautifully furnished apartments.