Reservation Policy

How to book:

  • In this site you can find answers regarding prices and formalization of booking. We provide daily telephone contact between 9h and 17h to complement unsatisfactory information or eventually not found.
  • . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> Our rates are for two people per lodging unit in double bed We have three units that do not follow this rule: an apartment. with three single beds and two cabins that can accommodate a third or a fourth person, respectively bunk bed and sofa bed. In these exceptional cases, an individual daily reduced by the additional person is charged.
  • We not formalized "room reservation" without prior payment of at least 1/3 of the value of hosting. Payment can be made by bank deposit or providing credit card data. Guests are provided with a regular price and a promotional price (reduced), due to the chosen method of payment.
  • Normal price - corresponds to the formalized reservations directly by the interested party or third parties (travel agents, tour operators and other intermediaries), with payment via Diners credit cards, Visa or network, or bank deposit. Reservations formalized by credit card can be financed up to 3 payments without interest. The formalized reserves through bank deposit can be made with 1/3 of the hosting value, completing the payment at the time of arrival (check-in). The normal price, also called the "rack rate" applies to prepayments hosting, conducted in the hostel bar, for last minute guests.
  • Promotional Price - corresponds to the formalized reserves discounted at around 6.5% (six point five percent) on the normal price of lodging. This price is subject to two conditions: (a) full payment by bank deposit; (B) in case of cancellation (no show), whatever the reason, the amount paid is not reebolsável.
  • Through bank deposit reserves - expressed concrete interest to formalize the reservation in a particular unit by bank deposit, the hostel blocks this unit on behalf of the interested party provides the bank details for the deposit and sets a deadline for the deposit and the shipment document proving (copy or scanner) to the e-mail After the deadline, and unconfirmed adjusted payment, the lock is automatically broken and the unit can be reserved for other interested person.
  • Formalization of the reserve - the reserve is considered formalized or completed the routing of a document (voucher) to the email of the person concerned, called the Booking Confirmation.

Dwell Time

  • The cottage superior charm and luxury chalets, reservations are conditioned to a minimum stay of two (2) nights. Exceptionally, we can reserve these units for one (1) night, provided that (a) within 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the desired day and (2) by providing the network or Visa credit card number and authorization for full launch of daily price.

Rates include:

  • Breakfast, served in the dining room between 8:30 am 11am.
  • free parking, In the chalets of charm and superior charm in an exclusive spot, next to the drive. In the luxury chalets in exclusive garage, next to the cottage.
  • linens, blankets, towels, TV and Conventional Signature and a daily service unit cleaning.
  • pool towels on demand at the reception.

Input and Output times

  • . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> entry (check-in): 15 hours
  • output (check out): 14 hours
  • operation of the reception: 8 to 24 hours. There is need for arrival or departure outside these hours, it is essential to communicate beforehand.
  • some Hosting Packages with price differential, established the possibility of early entry (early check-in) or delayed departure (late check-out).
  • The interest in delaying normal output (14 hours) should be manifested before the reception, which will verify the availability. If possible, the addition will be charged a rate of 20% (twenty percent) of the daily rate for each excess hour.
  • the stay in the accommodation unit after the expected time of departure is prohibited. If this occurs, the reception will request the eviction of the room and cast a fine in an amount corresponding to a daily.

Children policy

  • Only stayed adults or young people over fourteen years in this case accompanied by a parent and identification documents show.
  • Guests can not receive visits of accompanied minors.

Other Information

  • We have no shelter, not admit pets in the rooms, although they are small.
  • In the rooms that has a fireplace, the guest undertakes to moderate use of firewood and keep permanently closed.

Additional values

  • Not pass on to the guest the Service Tax - ISS, nor charge Tourism tax. The price of telephone calls has no surcharge.

Service charge

  • . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> No amount of 10% (ten percent), the service fee relates solely to the daily rates and consumption of meals and drinks. It does not deal with phone calls and consumption of mini-bar. The service charge intended to gratify the hostel employees and to reward outstanding services such as wi-fi connection, use of saunas and steam, spare daily firewood, use of CDs and DVDs and room service.

Proportional discounts

  • . 5; "data-mce-mark =" 1 "> For lodging for a period not exceeding three (3) nights, we can offer discounts or benefits proportional to stay, at our discretion indispensable. negotiate before formalizing the reservation.

Expenses for Food and Beverage

  • The cost of meals and drinks must be paid in cash on the hosting of the output (check-out), with no restrictions on the use of checks and credit cards Network and Visa.


  • Reservations benefit from the promotional price can not be canceled, regardless of the reason given.
  • The cancellation policy of reservations formalized at regular price are as follows:

(A) The request for cancellation or change of reservation date should be formalized by e-mail signed by the person who formalized the reservation and sent to the hostel Central Reservation - reservation @ vines. - not being accepted cancellations or phone changes. .
(B) fifteen (15) days prior to the date set for the entry (check-in): refund of the amount paid by the guest, with retention of 12% (twelve percent), a figure intended to cover tax expenses, agency commission , credit card fees and bank charges;
(C) between 14 (fourteen) and seven (7) days before the date set for the entry (check-in): the amount paid will be converted into credits to the guest or third party indicated by, valid for six (6) months;
(D) between six (6) and 4 previous days: the amount deposited will be lost, but may be converted to credit, since the guest authorizes the sale and the reserved unit will be sold for a period equal or greater than the reserve.
(E) less than 72 hours: the amount deposited will be lost, whether or not prior notice of non-attendance.

  • The withdrawal of hosting at check-in or during the stay, whatever the reason given does not entitle a refund of amounts paid