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Can I bring my wine?


A very considerable number of restaurants simply do not admit this practice. They refuse to provide glasses and open the bottle.

They argue that the procedure is offensive, because it is equivalent to taking a piece of picanha to the steakhouse and asking the barbecue to roast it ...

The wines are presented to customers through a Wine Charter which is much more than a list of wines and their respective prices. She is very unique. Firstly, because it is a work of authorship, that is, it bears the signature of those who made it - in this case, the sommelier Gaspar Vianna, formed by the Brazilian Association of Sommeliers of Rio de Janeiro. Secondly, because it has an Introduction, where the author outlines, in general, the philosophy that inspired the elaboration of the Charter. Thirdly, it is a letter divided into three specific volumes. And as we leaf through it, we are surprised by a wealth of information about each of the wines never presented in another wine list.

Therefore, it teaches the old wisdom that one must know exactly where one is treading. One thing is a restaurant that does not offer wine to its customers or has only a relationship with a dozen very popular products, all with the final price less than $ 99. In this case, to take a wine of unquestionable quality, with cost above this value, can be justified. But in any case, good education recommends knowing the practice of the house, even if it is through a simple phone call.

Another thing is an enogastronomic restaurant, which invested to offer its customers an air-conditioned wine cellar, a menu with good, excellent, excellent and exceptional wines, qualified professionals (sommeliers and waiters) and cups suitable for each type of wine. In this case, you should first make sure that your wine is not on the restaurant's wine list. For example: if the house is Italian food and has a menu with the best wines from Piedmont, with great Barolos and Barbarescos, it does not make sense to appear there taking a Dolcetto d'Alba or a Barbera d'Asti.

Always bear in mind that it is ridiculous and offensive to take a wine to a restaurant, for the purpose of saving, of spending less. Just take the trouble to bring your wine if it is able to accompany you worthily to the chosen establishment. Who, for example, can deny that the Cheval Blanc of the 1982 harvest, kept in its cellar and waiting for a great moment, is a company above all doubt or questioning?

In the case of the Fazenda das Videiras restaurant, we inform you that we have adopted the policy of not including wines whose final consumer price would have to be higher than one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine reais (R $ 1,999.00) in March 2015. We offer in our letter about seventy exceptional wines, laureates with maximum score in blind tasting promoted by reputable institutions, but always with prices lower than our established ceiling. It is our pleasure and commitment to pan the wines considered champions of the price-quality relation!

If you have wine in your cellar like Château Haut-Brion, Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Latour, Château Margaux, Château Mouton-Rothschild, Château Cheval Blanc, Château Ausone, Petrus, La Tache, Romanée-Conti and many others Exceptional wines, which are surely worth more than two thousand reais the bottle, either for the vintage or the merits of the producer, do not hesitate to bring it to Fazenda das Virasas to taste it with the dishes offered by our restaurant.

Be assured that we will feel very honored to serve you, doing all the wine service, which will be served in suitable cups and preceded by decanting, when appropriate. For this personalized service, you will be charged a "cork fee" of R $ 99.00 (ninety-nine reais), which is less than the 10% service fee that would be paid if your wine was on our Wine List .

In this way, the miser who appears by surprise, bringing under his arm a wallet bought at the bakery, will regret bitterly. Politely, we will do all the wine service, but in this case the value of the "cork fee" will seem exorbitant to you, for it will certainly be louder than the mediocre wine that he brought under his arm to exercise his gossip at our expense ...

Gaspar Vianna, sommelier.